Top 50 Argumentative Essay Topics

July 18, 2018

Argumentative Topics:


  1. Picasso`s masterpiece is not understood by a large percentage of people.
  2. The fees of modern stars are too exaggerated.
  3. The life of popular people is like a fairy tale.
  4. The art in the 21 century is inferior to the creations of previous centuries.
  5. The theater got a second a second life in present times.
  6. Graffiti is a unique kind of an unrecognized art.
  7. Dance is a significant step towards the development of the individual integrity.
  8. Brushes and paper can tell a lot about the fears and hopes of the artist.
  9. The architecture of Italy is distinguished by the uniqueness of styles and ways of performance.
  10. The art of portrait is a prototype of photography.


  1. Children who do not play in childhood suffer from neuroses and depression in the future.
  2. The abortion decision is to be made solely by a woman.
  3. The legalization of marijuana is wrong.
  4. Genetic engineering is a threat to humanity.
  5. The problem of smoking tobacco is exaggerated.
  6. Donation after death is to be mandatory practice.
  7. Is euthanasia a manifestation of humanism or a justification for murder?
  8. Early pregnancy is the result of young people sexual ignorance,
  9. Vegetarianism allows giving up meat food without health harming.
  10. The role of artificial vitamins is greatly exaggerated.


  1. Visiting zoos has no value for personal development.
  2. Family values are the best example for inheritance.
  3. A person comes to this world to be happy.
  4. Money is the only way to success.
  5. The process is always better than any result.
  6. Without punishment there is no amending.
  7. Freedom is the great pleasure.
  8. Honesty makes the world good.
  9. Every succeeding generation is smarter than the previous one.
  10. The society determines the kind of person.


  1. Reading books captures more than watching a movie.
  2. Science fiction develops intellect.
  3. Electronic books cannot displace paper ones.
  4. Disputes about the need for public libraries are getting louder every year.
  5. The genre of detective story is a quenching of curiosity and nothing more.
  6. Audio books are a convenient way to get acquainted with literature.
  7. The image of Victorian England is vividly depicted in literary works.
  8. J. Austen shows wide view on the female portrait in her novels.
  9. The mystery of Shakespeare`s personality is understandable through the prism of his sonnets.
  10. The intertwining of theatrical and literary art is bright in Oscar Wilde books.

Internet Technologies

  1. Adults need computer games.
  2. The problem with PC dependence is exaggerated.
  3. The virtual space has become too commercial.
  4. The remote job is a seclusion.
  5. Electronic marketing replace traditional trading.
  6. Internet advertising is based on manipulation of consciousness.
  7. The economy will gradually move into digital format of work.
  8. The IT become one of the greatest options in modern society.
  9. Social networks allow revealing the personality.
  10. The morality of the most IT is questionable.